Crossroads of Tradition & Technology

A home like no other.

Green Phoenix is founded on the belief that our homes are not just places to sleep and eat, but are a vital component of a healthy lifestyle. Join the trend of forward-thinking homeowners who are seeking healthier lifestyles for their families while helping reduce the burden on our planet’s resources.

346 Highland achieves these goals through a combination of best-in-class building techniques, specially-selected materials, and advanced technology.

Run your home from a tablet or phone.

A suite of powerful apps provide control and peace of mind. Imagine being able to see who is at the front door, open the garage door for the kids, monitor the alarm system, or shut off the water—from a phone, anyplace in the world.

Simple and intuitive apps control heating and cooling, lighting, the Sonos sound system, garage doors, irrigation, Ring video doorbells, and the comprehensive security system.

Additional apps continuously monitor the home’s systems to optimize performance and warn of potential problems. These systems include the solar PV array, electrical usage, indoor air quality, leak detection, sump levels, and a detailed building documentation program. A library of manuals for all systems can be accessed via laptop, tablet, or phone.